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Recent studies have found that more than a third of us now visit websites and view marketing emails on our mobiles and other hand-held devices. That’s a massive audience all wanting to act immediately. The problem is that so many companies still rely on optimising their website or emails for traditional PC screens meaning their audience have to scroll in an awkward fashion on their tiny hand-held devices to view your content. Many lose patience with this experience and give up, or worse still visit a competitor website that do offer a mobile friendly website.


With so many new handsets being released every week there are so many ways in which you prepare your site for mobile devices such as a dedicated mobile website that automatically switches to the mobile version from the desktop version when viewed through a mobile. These are normally best when you already have a desktop site that you aren’t wanting to change.

Responsive Design

The second and most common method is for us to build your new site responsively. By being responsive we mean building for a variety of screen sizes, not just the extreme cases of large desktop monitors and small hand-held devices. We will also be catering for iPads and other tablet devices.

Reasons Include:

  • A single website to build and maintain via a content management system
  • Future-friendly, because the layout will redistribute based on screen size and not just the size of today’s popular devices
  • A better content-focused user experience

Try for Yourself

Have a look at the following websites that we have built using responsive techniques and drag the corner of your browser to replicate different screen resolutions: and and You will see that content and layout changes depending what size you have you screen.

Take a look at one of our most recent Responsive Web Development projects below.

Case Study

Story Homes

An award-winning UK property developer with a passion for quality.

"Union Room have exceeded our expectations in terms of their ability to deliver a top class new site, on time & to budget & with a real customer focus to ensure the finished product met the detailed specification & in many areas exceeded this specification in terms of functionality & ease of use."

Steve Errington, Chief Executive

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