Optimising the Use of Video for Your Website

The use of video in web design is becoming increasingly popular with current trends, and we’re getting more and more clients now asking if they should be using video on their website.

The short answer is yes, however to understand why you should be using video there are a couple of things to consider.

What do you want out of video?

The question really isn’t if you should be using video, but how you should be using it for your business.

What are your main goals and objectives when people land on your website? Are you selling a particular product online or does your company offer a bespoke service you want to inform your users of? Perhaps your employee’s friendly and approachable ethos is something you want to be instantly reflected on your site.

These are the types of questions we’ll ask so we can ensure you’re using video in the best way possible. We’ll always want to decipher the type of video best suited to adhere to your business and marketing needs.

To inform

If your business has a particularly impressive or complicated process then you may want to look at using video to inform your users. This could be a 2-3 minute video which sits on your Homepage or as part of your About section, with audio commentary or animations to explain various aspects of your process.

Although this provides you with the opportunity to expand on your expertise in an interactive way, your content will need to be engaging enough to grasp your users attention for the full 2 minutes. This can be a big ask for modern day web surfing! We can work with you to ensure your video is as entertaining as possible for optimum user experience.

One of our clients, Pearson Engineering, wanted to advertise the ample size of their warehouse and the speciality manufacturing services they have to offer. The use of sweeping drone shots throughout their work space is very impactful and instantly reflects how vast and innovative they really are. This is an example of something that’s best placed on an About section for some in depth company information. Take a look here for some inspiration.

To modernise

Perhaps you’re looking to utilise video purely for aesthetic reasons and don’t need it to be particularly informative. Background ‘wallpaper’ video showcasing some pleasant, lifestyle visuals is a great way to modernise your site’s overall look and feel.

If your company has an attractive office space then take advantage! Shots of employees at work can be a powerful tool to humanise your business and drive more users to want to work with you. We’ve had loads of compliments on our own website video by taking this approach.

You may have seen a site we recently launched for equestrian brush-ware company Renwick & Sons, who were looking for a luxurious site to reflect their premium products. It was decided that a background video demonstrating stunning visuals of their products being used and produced would provide that lavish look and feel they were after. We hope you’ll agree this has created some striking results.

To sell (360° & virtual reality)

360° or virtual reality videos can be an impressive selling tool for your site. Whether you want users to be able to view all aspects of a particular product before they purchase or showcase all angles of a house, we’ll work with you to help drive sales and ensure you’re getting the most you can out of video.

We’ve generated some 360° videos for a number of our estate agency clients and also utilised this feature for the new Renwick & Sons site. We think it looks great but why not see for yourself.

But what about the content?

We know it’s one thing to talk about great ideas for video, but another thing is being able to create the content for it. That’s where we can help.

By partnering with some of the best videographers in the UK who have a wealth of experience, we’re continuing to generate great results for our clients.

First we’ll talk through some initial ideas with you to establish the best angle suited to your site’s core purpose.  We’ll also ensure that any video requirements adhere to best practice advice and standards. Page load speeds and SEO are areas we’ll always take into consideration to ensure your site is still performing at its best.  Then we can introduce you to one of our third party videographers to discuss the next steps in making it happen.

If you’re considering video for your site then please get in touch. We’d love to see what we can do for you.

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