The Most Amazing DVD Artwork

Although it’s the content that counts when purchasing DVD’s, I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of buying the odd DVD based solely on the DVD artwork.

Here are a few DVD artworks which we love…

Steven Gibbons

The Dark Knight


Brilliant artwork, especially the burning bat logo on the building.

The Incredible Hulk


I think thisis a perfect comic book DVD cover, it just says exactly what the film is about from the get go.

Steven Symonds

Dirty Harry


Such an icon film and poster of 1970’s popular culture.

Jordan Hall

Blade Runner


This version isn’t the original or the most famous but I prefer it due to the montage being so good.

The Warriors


This isn’t the DVD artwork but I believe it’s the original theatrical poster and it fits the style of the film perfectly.

Fight Club


Great idea for a cover and the actual DVD box itself is a really smart sleeve.

Boogie Nights


Not the kind of artwork you’d expect for a film like Boogie Nights but the illustration is great.

There Will Be Blood


Absolutely amazing artwork for an absolutely amazing film.

James Machin



Classic movie and classic design – also used for the movie poster, bold, simple and encompasses the excitement of the film.

Kill Bill


Again a bold, simple design that jumps off the shelf at you and is economical in it’s content.

Dom Taylor



The old ones, really special give a good feel of the film and of the era.

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