Why We Ask For Your Content Before We Start Designing

If you’ve hired a company to build something bespoke for you, you’d want them to make it the perfect fit for you, right?

If you wanted an item of clothing, let’s say a pair of trousers, to be made to fit and were hiring a talented tailor to craft them for you, you’d want the tailor to take into consideration your measurements before starting to cut the fabric. Otherwise there’s a chance that when you go pick them up they’ll be too long, or too short, and you might as well have saved yourself the bother and bought a ready made pair from Primark.

When clients come to us for a bespoke website, rather than an off the shelf solution, it’s because they know that something which has been built just for them will of course be a much better fit and do exactly what they want it to. However, this does mean that before we can start building anything we’ll require them to pull together exactly what they want to say on the new site. This is so that the client will benefit from having the design formed around their content and their own specific requirements. Working this way will give an overall more professional and appealing look and get your brand’s message across in the best possible way.

If we just went ahead and designed whatever we fancied and then asked for the content to shoehorn in as best we can afterwards, then that client might as well have gone for an off the shelf template as, effectively, you’ll get the same result. That’s not to say you can’t get a nice effect from a template design, but it won’t be made just for you.

You might think content surely won’t differ that much but there have been plenty of times where we could’ve assumed a certain page would have a minimal two paragraphs and a single image, and then once we’re supplied content we find that the client actually needs 6 paragraphs, a gallery of images, a map and some kind of table cramming in. This, as you’d imagine, won’t look the same on the page or fit into the same small space we would have designed. If we know what you want before we start working on visuals we’ll be able to do a much better job and give you the perfect fit that you’d expect from a tailor-made solution.

Of course, we understand that sitting down and starting writing can be quite daunting, and writing a full website-worth of content, when you may not have any idea of what the end result might be, isn’t the easiest task. We’re more than happy to chat this through in the initial meeting phases of a project and offer you as much or as little help as you’d like on pulling together the content and getting to a point where we are ready to get moving on visuals.

If you’d like to discuss your brief and content with us we’d be only too happy to help create a site that works for you, bespoke or otherwise. Email or ring us now to get the ball rolling.

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