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Pearson Engineering is a world-leading provider of Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Route Proving, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridge Launching equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Delivering special project support and defence and manufacturing programmes, they’re experts in a number of fields from mine clearance to combat bridge launch systems.

Pearson Engineering



The Brief

They’ve been a digital partner of ours for many years, but Pearson Engineering were looking to further improve their online presence.
The aim of the new website was to improve the customer’s understanding of the diverse range of products and services available, as well as the user journey. Their target markets were a mix of traditional and established areas, as well as newer markets where they are less well known but have a sound product offer.

With such a vast array of high specification products available, they needed to tailor their content and overall proposition to their 4 clearly defined target markets.

Pearson Engineering
Pearson Engineering

The Solution

Our sister company, Projector Brand Communications, implemented an updated approach to Pearson Engineering’s overall brand style and structure. This ensured all communications were in line with the company’s fresh approach to the core messaging and target markets. We then needed to apply this online.

First we looked at the overall sitemap. Simplifying the navigation meant that there was clear indication of which products related to each sector. This also helped us avoid over-complicating the site with way too much information and streamline the user journey.

We also ensured that there was a strong focus on photography since the client had invested in some new, high quality shots for the site and wider marketing literature. By including striking images of engineers at work and visuals showcasing the vast size of the company’s facilities at Armstrong Works, we were able to portray the level of expertise and trust that Pearson Engineering needed to instil in their branding.

As their website attracts users from all corners of the world, we saw a great opportunity to build in country specific content. This functionality meant the site would be able to recognise which location it’s being viewed on, and the content would be tailored to fit.

For example, if someone from a country like Peru was viewing the Combat Systems page, they’d see an image of a mine plough in jungle terrain as opposed to desert land. This makes the products more relative and relatable to users and in turn allows the site to target them more effectively.

Pearson Engineering
Pearson Engineering
Pearson Engineering

The Results

Pearson Engineering

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